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Visceral Entrainment

Tools are for the Tolerant

Weapons are for the Weak


Weapon Crime Survival

( Awareness, Principles & Attributes )


 Visceral Survival Instinct

To RepHlect a


 !!! ATTACK !!!

Those that live by the Sword

Die by the Sword!

( This is what a tramp ,shouted  in ones general direction the very 1st day on duty /sentry as a fully trained Bootneck )

The echo of that moment has pervaded ones being ever since 

( emit ~ time )

Wolfs law

Bones/Muscles Have to break ( Micro/Macro ) in order to become stronger

 Trauma  ( Lution of Evol )

Wal Flows

Flows/Bleeds reforms to new circumstance

Love ( Healing Crisis )

"If You have a Victim Mentality, Then you will be a Victim"

!!! Take back the streets & take no prisoners !!!

Bullshit Baffles Brains

Essentially you are going to receive Trauma ,Cut/s or Apertures through your body

No Martial Art Technique is going to save your life

Although Visceral Survival Instinct may save your life

The Principles of Visceral Survival instinct are shared through drills to bring out said attributes in order that you or your loved ones have a greater chance at survival

Having personally been stabbed in the chest & slashed through mouth & nose

One can express you are going to bleed ( a lot )

Shock is the thing that kills you , so be prepared for shock & primal 1st aid ( 1st field dressing, sanitary towel ,plastic bag for 2nd skin )

Keep things simple under pressure 

Undermine @ Distance

Equalise @ point of Contact

Overwhelm with in @

Enter , Pressure, Terminate


Will your technique save your life ?

(  not likely )

( Visceral Survival Instinct ) 

( more likely )

in respect of Blunt force, Sharp as in Knife, Machete & Sword plus Projectile firing weapons Pistols/Rifles



Self Defence Tools

( Uk Legal )



Clear Mouth Guard

Clear/Ghost Boxing Hand Grenades

( Registered in respect of misuse )


Too Be Clear

The Boxing Hand Grenade was developed as a Training to Entrainment Aid/Tool,

So that From the Dense to Clear to Ghost version is an analogy of learning how to gather the hand well in order to project energy  via the fist without damaging the hand, until no longer required

It gives you instant access to your full potential 

33.3% is the gap it bridges between where you are & where you could be

Very similar to if you have a grip on someone & strike them , as you generate a 1/3 more power if attached to your target , as shock reverberates via attachment

 !!! Not @ any point to be employed in a  boxing glove !!!

 ( Hand ergonomic Entrainment only )

Once you understand how to gather the hand you have reduced human error .


The BHG principle 

Applied to sports such as Boxing or MMA

is then expressed via the grip bar in said glove

Dense, Clear & Ghost

Through Training evolution /refinement towards competition

( As per the BHG Gloves with Ghost bar )


Tools for Entrainment

( Rattan, Knives, Machetes, Swords, Pistols, Sub/machineguns, Shotguns )

InpH[email protected] Fit 4 Purpose

Over the next 3/6 months InpH[email protected] & Fit 4 Purpose , will be producing 3 motion capture morphology videos 

( Our voices & motions animated into amorphous beings, in order to express out/information without the distraction of having to see yet another Human being in front of a camera/previous evolutions have been via inverted recording )


Awareness ( Nous ), Principles & Attributes 

for free displayed on this page.

As everyone should be able to access said life saving 

!!! Visceral Survival Instinct !!!