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Visceral Entrainmentā€‹

Visceral Entrainment


Visceral Entrainment

PerpHection & Preserv@ion




Visceral Entrainment

( Enterinterji )



Having served in the military over a period of 16yrs ( mainly Royal Marines ) & forming the Responsible Use of Force programme for the Royal Marines prior to serving in Kosovo 2000/2001 , in turn working with Inter/National Police/Military/Special forces throughout the world during service ,  a full instructor in Jeet Kune Do/Filipino Martial Arts , the main point of all interaction with said forces was simplicity under pressure , no time to think & not a lot of time to impart or unveil such attributes, training is repetitive & produces a second nature 

( 2nd is too late ) 

 Due to injury's accrued during service & several operations, personal mobility was  reduced by 30% physically . Therefore had to apply the self in a very simple manner as opposed to a 100% able bodied person 


Essentially Visceral Entrainment is to merge with the attack , not be separate ! as  separation begets pain & merging with the assault  equates less pain ( for instance like a vehicle crash , you either get flung from it or you roll with it

 ( merge ) & re ~ emerge! )

 " as you are a vehicle / vessel "

So whether 100% able bodied or 1% you are welcome as long as you are the 1 in a (1)000 with purpose!

 If you can apply yourself with a disability or the loss of use of one arm for instance  then you can survive. ( a great lesson for the able bodied to experience ) This is discovered in primal motion ( extremely slow , as occurs during a violatory shock encounter ) if you are old enough before CGI everything had to be done in slow motion , in order to look fast. for instance the Bionic wo/man, the Incredible Hulk  & inversely with CGI if younger the opposite in respect of Bullet Time in The Matrix ( producing a slowed down Primal Motion with the aid of 360 degree camera undulation ( this spectrum of potentia is the closest description of Primal Movement although InpHun@ go deeper in respect of a 360 degree  perspective not just a undulatory circle , but a spherical undulation from source ( you ) outwards &  simultaneously from the extremities back towards the source ) as through shock everything slows down 

( so learn to move in that slow shock space  & you will ride the wave of shock until you are the wave & step out the other side )

Therefore expressed Visceral Entrainment that unveils responsive attributes under pressure ( 1st primal survival nature ), discovered this in the games that were developed to bring out attributes ( in nature all animals play in developing the skills required for life ) serious fun with a (pH) potential Hydrogen as we all are



Visceral Entrainment 


Could you save yourself or your loved ones / colleagues life in a life threatening situation ? 

(Life can be threatened via a terminal illness or situation)

If you have had to think about it , then it's already too late ( cognitive reaction ) !

Visceral Entrainment 

is working with your somatic vessel's natural responses,s to shock, you have more neurons in your stomach lining than you have in the encephalitis of the spine ( your brain ) , hence gut feeling, your body maintains itself with out your conscious input ( organs of the viscera , subconsciously run themselves ) no techniques, just attributes viscerally applied ( precognitive response )