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Visceral Entrainment

The Green Womb

The Green Womb is analogous of RepHractualised Nature

( Everything is within its self )

Essentially a Shelter/Tent

So that can be within nature without being fully exposed to the weather

( All though we are the weather makers )

Movable/ Alive



Green As in Alive/Naïve/Nature

Womb as in Space for Growth


It all started in Zulu Company old lines ( Building ) 45 Commando Royal Marines  RM Condor Arbroath, that took over in late 1990s

big building with massive matted area & a further room 2/3rds as large  For Progressive Fighting Systems Scotland & Gracie Barra Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


Gracie Barra Birmingham

1990s Church @ Digbeth before the Custard factory

the Visceral Echoes of that 


Then working with the USMC " One Mind Any Weapon "

Introduced to the "Room Of Pain " under the swimming pool next to the Adjutants stable, an old stable where you would be attacked relentlessly whilst maintaining stress positions with weights !


Medical discharge on leaving the Royal Marines

Returning to the Shire


 The development of the Womb oV Pain

( The Merging of all past environments )


 The 1st The Green Womb

Fixed building


The Present Green Womb

Movable Tent/Shelter


( The White , Red & Black Tent of Temujin )


When laying siege to a walled city, 

he would erect

 A White Tent for one day " everyone could leave "

A Red Tent on the 2nd day " Women & Children could leave "

A Black Tent on the 3rd day " Everyone will be killed "


If you are the 1 in a (1)000

With purpose, then you are welcome 

in the

InpH[email protected]

 Green Tent any day !

Seasonal   ( Koremeleon ) Gatherings




The Lord Stone, The Devils Chair & The Devils Mouth