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Visceral Entrainment


Acid/Alkaline Balance

Many years ago in 1989 whilst undergoing basic field training, on the very 1st exercise in the field away from Lympstone ( CTCRM) on Woodbury common.

After  a foray into the woods & very basic introduction to fieldcraft! we were informed we would have our 1st kit inspection in the field environment


that our mess tins required to be cleaned of carbon acidification from cooking animal fats etc 

( to all's consternation as we had no cleaners or cutting agents in order to carry out said task )

to which we were informed that fresh grass ( morning dew laden grass ) would do the trick as full of Alkaline & a positive charge of energy due to the rising sun .

We all thought the DS ( Directing Staff had lost the plot ) 

this was not the case to our amazement , the dewy grass did the trick & cleaned all our mess tins bright & shiny ready for inspection )

This has influenced  everything from that point on , as it is the foundation of health namely 

pH Balance

in order to be healthy we require a slightly alkaline environment


of course limit the toxins that we ingest or are exposed to whether exoteric ( environmental ) or esoteric ( emotional )

Please look at the further sub page link to Dr Robert O Young ( pH Miracle )

in respect of an in depth look at the difference between Germ Theory/Terrain Theory & Duel Theory ( The Combination of Both )