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Visceral Entrainment


( pH Balance )


1st exercise in the field , on Woodbury common

we had just eaten pHat buoy Scran

our mess tins were carbonised from animal fats etc

we were informed that we had a kit inspection at a certain time & our mess tins were expected to be gleaming clean

although no cutting agents , in order to clean said mess tins

one of the DS ( Directing Staff ) a Cpl , informed us that we could utilise fresh dew ladened morning grass

we all thought he had lost it

although some what surprised when the grass did the job

due to alkaline in the grass plus electric charge from the sun rising

this has influenced everything that have done ever since


pH Balance

In training we had a Cpl that was promoted to Sgt

he was of good Irish stock

so given he was the man in charge 

decided to put a red hand of ulster flag over ones pit

for the sake of levity

he had no idea that ones relatives are direct descendants of the flight of the earls

the red hands origin

that crossed the ogin to anoint the gates of chirk castle

a place of intrigue to the young child that once was

Survival training

involved working in pairs & given a rabbit or chicken to look after then to kill

they do a similar thing in Belize with pigs

one refused to kill the rabbit

so the DS asked how do we know that you can kill

ones answer 

was thus

i will kill you now

leave the rabbit alone

( this somewhat broke their trainset )

so after some time the DS decided to find ones hide by calling ones name

asking what was occurring #one expressed that was making kebabs with said rabbit as 

ones opo had killed it 

therefore was not going to let the animal die in vain & put it to good use

( the moral here is )

Innocence is everything

all else is no -thing