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Visceral Entrainment‚Äč

International Travel Safe

In an increasingly volatile world, being able to rely on your own visceral instinct to navigate your own & foreign environments is necessary

Irrespective of your perception in respect of alleged terrorism or the machinations of western governments financing problem reaction solution in an age old plan to relieve us all of our sovereignty ( Covid, Agenda 21 ( UN document ( plan for the 21st century ) , promulgated in 1992 Brazil Summit )

Trauma is the same irrespective of intent, so engaging with your innate visceral awareness is a necessary tool to aid individuals & groups to be themselves & aspire to evolve as a human being safely ( with a brightness or brilliance about them ~ a hu ) , via their own natural instinct

The Inter/National Travel Safe package includes


Weapon Crime Survival

Anti Rape/Stalker/Menace

Vehicle/Vessel Safe & primal 1st aid

In the respect of gleaning some relative information in respect of being safe now , prior to attending said package


paper scissors stone

( against sharp make yourself blunt , against blunt make yourself smother & against smother make yourself sharp )


change your signal

what you emit dictates the time you have

( Emit ~Time )


learn, unlearn & let go

( don't second guess the self , listen to your gut visceral instinct )

[email protected]

is located in

 The Republic of  Shropshire

where the majority of Visceral Entrainment takes place,

in exceptional cases [email protected] may be prepared to travel if pertinent to do so