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Visceral Entrainment‚Äč

InpH[email protected] Space & Thyme

A RepHlective service

Entrainment /Post Traumatic Growth

Enabling you to achieve your aspirations via a reflective interjection that assists & boosts your energy for your projects

The holistic approach to unveil your place in space, thus providing more time for you

More of us are investing in our homes & gardens, with projects such as home extensions that then in turn require to be reflected in our outdoor environments.

Space & Thyme's purpose is to assist you in your own inspired projects via only doing the things that we require to do, therefore leaving all aspects of the project that can be done by you fully in your charge. Space & Thyme come along at the beginning, middle and/or end of your project to move the project on & keep you firmly within your own budget, fully flexible in respect of your requirements via half day or full day visits, depending on your projects' dynamics.

( For example , you have a new Space & you require to entrain (blend) the existing build with the new build, Space & Thyme will provide reflective guidance whether to restore/rejuvenate all existing materials or replace with new, recycling up or down ( being responsible with any materials ,thus maintaining a balanced relationship with the environment ) entraining the old with the new in a seamless manner that results in a fully entrained unique personal/family environment )

Post Traumatic Growth

Aiding PTSD/Disability via accruing life skills  ( Bush Craft & shelters to Log Cabin  structures ) 

Im/Permanence ( Essentially from Womb to Tomb & back again, why we like to build dens as children & sheds as adults ( so we may shed an old skin like a snake ( symbol of wisdom ) perchance )

( Veterans/Serving , Military, Police, Firefighters, Paramedics & Youth Workers as InpH[email protected] only work with adults )

The Last Post!

A symbolic tool , so that you may gauge your progress towards balance

Male Post

pHemale Ground

Quite literally a post placed in the ground ( similar to a Mook Jong ) that you may lean on , work through via Perpetual Pressure ( Earthing ) Pushing , Pulling  , Merging & Emerging from , until it FALLS & you start again ( the post represents you , to chip away @ until you unveil your purpose, like a snake shedding skin ( a little death & rebirth! )