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Visceral Entrainment

InpH[email protected] Space & Thyme

A RepHlective service

Entrainment /Post Traumatic Growth



 Your Environment, Promoting The Earths Cyclotripical  Act ~ Ion & Flow Of Energy With In/Out Your Abode Environment


Post Traumatic Growth


The Deep


Aiding PTSD/Disability via accruing life skills  ( Bush Craft /Shelters to Vark's  a fully sustainable naturally entrained ecological unveil as opposed to a build, the closest example is an earth ship , although they bury tyres in the ground ( so not that planet friendly  )  The Vark is not only terrestrial , its  extra terrestrial (  like a Spaceship partially submerged in the ground , that looks of being there for some time as natural growth such as lichen/moss established , naturally camouflaged in the terrain with partial soil roof plus glass front  with a central eyrie similar to a Ger / Yurt  utilising wood, hemp, soil /clay ( wind, solar, wood stove back boiler & biodigester for compost & cooking gas ) 

Houses are not in tune with earth , they stick out like a sore thumb ( namely due to the fact that there are no straight lines in nature ,plus all architecture ,building or mans Nurture ( Explosive ) is about resisting natural forces or how to defend against  said forces ) Even log cabins of which was the original idea of a natural living environment ( as had spent several Norwegian winters & midnight sun summers in log cabins ) perchance the Swedish axe only method is plausible ! although difficult physically to achieve, attended local log cabin course ( chainsaw & plant dominant ) with injury's of which the course only enhanced ( have had to step back & work on ones own health due to the physiological impact of said course )

Therefore a Vark is a womb like space naturally entrained with the Forces of ( ov ) Nature ( Implosive) & its immediate environment, perchance the 1st primal or InpH[email protected] living & dying space , somewhat akin to the Visceral Vessel that you occupy

 ( a living & breathing Carapace working with indigenous shelter principles )

Im/Permanence ( Essentially from Womb to Tomb & back again, why we like to build dens as children & sheds as adults ( so we may shed an old skin like a snake ( symbol of wisdom ) perchance )

Although being tethered to the ground is symbolic of atrophy ( non movement or flow )

it may indeed be that remaining mobile within permitted development is the simplest method of shelter , as indeed the planning, building ( unveiling ) process can be stressful & taxing on the somatic vessel

( Veterans/Serving , Military, Police, Firefighters, Paramedics & Youth Workers as )

InpH[email protected]

only work with adults or adult accompanied teenagers


The Last Post!

A symbolic tool , so that you may gauge your progress towards balance

Male Post

pHemale Ground

Quite literally a post placed in the ground ( similar to a Mook Jong ) that you may lean on , work through via Perpetual Pressure ( Earthing ) Pushing , Pulling , Merging & Emerging from , until it FALLS & you start again ( the post represents you , to chip away @ until you unveil your purpose, like a snake shedding skin ( a little death & rebirth! )