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Visceral Entrainment

Green Lives Shatter

( Perspective )

Have you ever seen a

White, Black or Yellow person ?

no you have not, have you !

If you were to move close enough , you would see that we are all in fact


( naive )




Chlorophyll , Alkaline & The Responsible Utilisation of Hemp



via green solar  panels ( leaves/grasses )

Assists in cleansing the inner terrain of microbial toxins plus clear & radiant skin ( The Miracle Garment ) of which heals its self in a pH Balanced environment! 



 You are the processing unit, therefore if you put acidic pre processed foods into the processing unit then it has no thing to do, so it will work on removing the unit , as acid denotes decay cellular breakdown into yeast, fungus & eventually mould ( cancerous ) this is the natural process to get rid of the acidic corpse or there would be corpses everywhere ( well there is & they walk around zombie like , not intuitively in symbiosis with there own feedback , but detached & over stimulated )

Liquid Copper Chlorophyllin


The Responsible Utilisation of Hemp


( Cannabis Genera )

Clothes, Building Materials, Paper, Medicine  & Introspection

There are 10's of thousands of benefits from Hemp ( Cannabis Genera )

Although a  few guidelines to be wary of!

CBD long term treatment is fine

THC long term utilisation / treatment 

( Can cause psychosis in those that are under 16 yrs of age with an under developed cerebrum or those that are prone to issues with maintaining a balanced perspective ( Therefore stay away from skunk or highly manipulated strains , stick with nature as it intended & less there of! Perchance Ruderalis Rather than Sativa or Indica at least till old enough!)

( Is very helpful for patients with urinary issues such as MS sufferers , although can cut urination altogether in a healthy individual as diffuses signals from brain via spinal column to the bladder & urethra ( may also cause erectile dysfunction for the same reasons )

THC short term utilisation / treatment

( Is balanced , as it is a tool for introspection ( to look into the somatic self )

If utilised intermittently then there are many benefits , as with the north  plains indigenous peoples  Sweat Lodge ( Purge ) & Tobacco ceremony prior to Vision Quest , it is about the withdrawal from the Spirit of the Tobacco or in this case Hemp where our echoes are heard & acted upon )


Full of Shite or pHull Ov Lite

Like a vessel of water if you put things into your body then you will be influenced by the Outside Agent  ( Parasitical )

For the most part we are walking bags of pish & shite!



(  Parasitical takeover of the Woman ( Womb man ) She becomes sick , usually every morning as the Mans seed starts to take over her environment making her physically sick as her white blood cells fight this invader, to rejection of the foetus ( parasite especially if RH negative to the mans positive or vice a versa  irrespective of A,B.AB or O Blood Type) 


 Complete takeover of the pHemale going full term & producing a foetus ( of which can lead to post natal depression ( the opposite of self expression ) as she no longer is aware of whom she is or this creature that has taken over her & now dominates her life )


Then there is the balance of the above 2 scenarios where this is a mutual balance in blood types, between the Male & pHemale as everything should be 

with no sickness pre/pregnancy/post 


  healthy baby

the body rejects toxins remember

a clue to partner choice perchance !