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Visceral Entrainment​



Gender Specific Sessions

Sexual dimorphism in human arm power and

 force: implications for sexual selection on

 fighting ability 

Sexual dimorphism often arises from selection on specific musculoskeletal traits that improve male fighting performance. In humans, one common form of fighting includes using the fists as weapons. Here, we tested the hypothesis that selection on male fighting performance has led to the evolution of sexual dimorphism in the musculoskeletal system that powers striking with a fist. We compared male and female arm cranking power output, using it as a proxy for the power production component of striking with a fist. Using backward arm cranking as an unselected control, our results indicate the presence of pronounced male-biased sexual dimorphism in muscle performance for protracting the arm to propel the fist forward. We also compared overhead pulling force between males and females, to test the alternative hypothesis that sexual dimorphism in the upper body of humans is a result of selection on male overhead throwing ability. We found weaker support for this hypothesis, with less pronounced sexual dimorphism in overhead arm pulling force. The results of this study add to a set of recently identified characters indicating that sexual selection on male aggressive performance has played a role in the evolution of the human musculoskeletal system and the evolution of sexual dimorphism in hominins.

M.H Morgan, D.R Carrier, The Journal of Experimental Biology 2013



The pHemale of most species in nature, other than mankind do the majority of fighting/killing the male usually only fights for the seed rite, this in its self informs of a great deal, in respect of our back to front ,upside down & inside out idea of life & alleged civilisation, the open hand grouped is far more efficient than the fist, so follow the pHeminine

An experiment for you,

 Punch a solid wall with your fist as hard as you can or palm strike a wall with your palm as hard as you can , the fist is not meant to punch , irrespective of any findings , it is meant to grip, to greet, to push, to pull, not punch , hence the boxing hand grenade to support the hand until you can support it yourself, by either not punching or indeed punching well & accurately 

Not By Strength, By Guile

( Original Frogman term from his inner Princess )

Alchemical Wedding

Kiss this


M.H Morgan, D.R Carrier, The Journal of Experimental Biology


Male or pHemale

( Creatures of the delicate dance )


are all phenotypically pHemale

( look like from the outside only ) for the first 6 wks of life in the womb 

 we have the same organs influenced by 

Testosterone or Estrogens

( Phalus/Clitoris, Omphalus (Belly Button ), Nipples, Prostrate/Womb, Testes/Ovaries, Scrotum/Labia , etc! )

You arrive on this planet as Male , pHemale or rarely as a hermaphrodite ( both sexes )


Masculine & pHeminine 





 Great Work of Ages


on the inside 




Acid / Alkaline )



 Alchemical Wedding

( Masculine) Marriage ( pHeminine )





Chemical or Surgical castration on the outside

( of which is, as fluid as a brick in water )

 Tantamount to Hierophantic Kindergarten! 

The sessions in which you partake, will be specific to your gender.


There are 7 colours in the Covenant

Not 6

Nature not Nurture

Nature = as is

Nurture = as if 

( Only the MetapHysically Immature Deviate from The Path of Nature )

InpH[email protected]'s Purpose

is to

RepHlect !

Your requirements in a private or semi private environment, not a class, raise your awareness of the ramifications of shock,

( not give you a shocking experience. )

Please bring a chaperone along should you wish,

( If between 13 &  under 18  then with  an adult  )

in order to feel

Comfortable ( level Spirit/Soul )


Cautious, ( not Enough Spirit/Soul )


CONfident ( Far Too Much Spirit/Soul ( That Will Leave Faster Than It Arrived )

Tailored as in a Mirrors RepHlection ~ ​to you specifically

Awaken The God/dess of InpH[email protected] Potentia Within

So that you may RepHlect & move with grace in a pHluid manner

Swimming through life & its occurrences