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Visceral Entrainment

God/dess Awaken

Gender Specific Sessions

Male or Female

( Creatures of the delicate dance )

The sessions in which you partake, will be specific to your gender.

For example a plethora of bad experiences may have been had by females attending so called self defense classes , where the female feels forced to punch pads or kick shields under the tutelage of an unaware male, of whom is out of sync with the rhythms of himself, never mind of the female. This scenario often happens with males of any age.

This often results in an episode of trauma, even concussion.

[email protected],s purpose

is to reflect your requirements in a private or semi private environment, not a class, raise your awareness of the ramifications of shock, ( not give you a shocking experience. )

Please bring a chaperone along should you wish, in order to feel comfortable ( level Spirit ),

not cautious, ( not Enough Spirit ) or CONfident ( Far Too Much Spirit ( That Will Leave Faster Than It Arrived .)

Tailored to you specifically.

Awaken The God/dess of [email protected] Potentia Within

So that you may reflect & move with grace in a fluid manner,

Swimming through life & its occurrences.

Ride ~ Deep