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Visceral Entrainment

Creatures Of The Delicate Dance

( RepH[email protected] )


Everything Within  is Without

( Human Body/Inner Space  ( RepH[email protected] Projection ) = Earth Body/Immediate Space )

Everything Without is Above

( Earth Body/Immediate Space  = Cosmic Body/Outer Space )


In Turn

Everything Above is Within

Cosmic Body/Outer Space = Human Body/Inner Space

All There (Is)

All The Other Versions Of


Our World 

( Spinning Word/Verse )

Toroidal Terra pHirma


A RepHr/act/[email protected] of U/s

Has Reset It's Self Several Times , Mass Cataclysm ( World Wide Earthquake/Pole Shift ) has Occurred Several Times

( Upside Down, Inside Out & Back To Front )

It Would Seem every 12 To 13,000 years is the cycle for each version of U/s to truly lose our Divine Spark  & pHall From Grace

  Interspersed with Solar Flares/Tsunamis , Meteor shower impacts, Asteroids & Comets

We are not the 1st , although we may be the last

Darkened shadows , of our former Divine Selves ,

We are Due A Shaking!!!

Although This Is Not A 4gone Conclusion , U Can Interject This Elliptical Echo Of Stupidity &  RepHractuated Mass Extinction


Clean Up Your Act

Get A Grip / Let Go

Die Now 

( CelpH )

Live Forever

( CelpHless )

As The pHrequent ~ Sea Rises

 Cadavers All


Emit ~ Time

We Are​ The Weather Makers


( Vertically Integrated Liquid )

How to measure the amount of Precipitation in a cloud

( A Walking Ploom Ov RepHractualised Precipitory Potentia )


Everything we do & think Reverberates around the World & the Uniform Verse

There is Nowhere else it can go 

But Back To Its Source


Although No Great Shakes


U Are 1 In A (1)000



InpH[email protected]

 ( Energy can not die/it can only change shape )

Are you coming back to start over ?

Or take the 999 Surface Dwelling  Shadows  Of Your  Former Divine Self  with ya !

The Human Race,1st one 2 wake up wins