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Visceral Entrainment

Training is for an event in life


Entrainment is for the event of life its self!



 for the

 Eloi or Morlock

If you can not be bothered to be present 

with the site & inwardly digest said relevance of out/information, 


 InpH[email protected] 

is not for you .


Please do not waste

 InpH[email protected]'s

 time & energy

 by asking benign questions ,

 as all relevant data is presented within the site

via text, images & music only ( no videos  yet )


InpH[email protected] 


for the


( The Path Ov nO patH )

 ( The seeker/searcher of solutions pertaining to the enigma that is the self )

( Non Vaccinated )

( The 1 in a (1)000 )



for the


( No path ( pathetic )

( Surface dweller, Automaton caught in the idiom of their own dense /stupefied shadow show  )

( Vaccinated )

( Their reality/ reel /movie/film)



for the


( One path ( pathological/psychopath )

( Parasitically self possessed Consumer/Energy vampire/Homunculi )

Corporate/Of the Corpse/Living Dead

( Alleged Vaccinated )

( Those that would lead us away from ourselves )


The site pHilter's the 999 from the 1 in a (1)000! 

As in  a mirror, you only see what you can understand

 ( stand under or comprehend )

Slow down make the moment last


Strictly no phones/cameras/social media 

follow your self

( If between 13 & under 18 then with an adult )

Contact Information

2 l8

InpH[email protected]


The Deep

The Republic of Shropshire

 Seasonal events outside / Within & without the Triumvirate of The Lord Stone, The Devils Chair ( its not where they think it is ) & The Devils Mouth ) All under the gaze of the Green Lion ( Sphinx ) The Beloved God ( Caer Caradoc/The True Avalon ) A Symbolic Playground of the Hieros gamos ( Sacred Game of Life, The Merge ) with the long mynd ( mind ) in the middle, God & the Devil either side , Lordstone is the stone the Devil threw to make his chair, the Devils Mouth Speaks for its self, all a RepH[email protected] projection of our own Delicate Dance between Good & Bad, There is only one answer " Balance " as you are all things & none, best meet yourself in the mid ~ h/ill then!


InpH[email protected]

Visceral Entrainment is NOT!

Training, Teaching or Martial Arts


A RepHlective Service Of Realignment & Restoration Via the Essential Essence or core principles of all arts



Self Defence Tools

( Uk Legal )


Clear Mouth Guard

Clear/Ghost Boxing Hand Grenades

( Registered/Stamped in respect of misuse )