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Visceral Entrainment

In 1991 Op Haven ( Khurdistan ( s,Turkey/n,Iraq ) [email protected] had its beginnings, Strong Words Spoken Softly ( Visceral Entrainment ~ via the Experience of working with the combined Inter/National force present in theatre , leading on to the development of The Responsible Use Of Force Programme , as featured in Combat & Survival magazine 2000/1 (its impetus with the Inter/National Military,Police,Fire & Medical teams in Khurdistan & updated 10yrs later in the Kosovo theatre of operation) Due to military service commitments, Jeet Kune Do perspective via Cass Magdas (Impact) & Paul Vunaks (Pfs) , entraining with Mauricio Moto Gomes ( Barra Gracie Bjj ) 1997 onwards entraining with Roger Gracie from boy to man & Braulio Estima when left the Royal Marines, plus through service having the opportunity to entrain on several occasions with Master Gunnery Sgt Cardo Urso USMC Quantico @ the inception of the USMC One Mind any Weapon programme , with Army Rangers in Escrima at fort A P hill Virginia , the Virginia prison service plus CPO Patrick Tray Navy Seals.

The main principle found when working with said forces was Survival Instinct Drills or Pressure Games utilised to bring out the attributes required to survive

( essentially you subconsciously unveil these qualities whilst having fun ( Serious (PH)un )

At the same time as [email protected] had its beginnings in the north of Iraq via the Royal Marines medium , a former american Army gentleman by the name of Matt Thornton via an introduction to Rickson Gracie, began developing Aliveness ( similar to [email protected],s Entrainment also emanating from the Jeet Kune Do (Burton Richardson) perspective, although Exoteric (fire works on the outside)

as opposed to

[email protected]'s

Esoteric (inner works of (ph)ire)

Matt went on to develop Straight Blast Gyms around the world with great success in his simplification of the plethora of Martial Arts, culminating in the the most expensive fight ever between great friends of Dana White (UFC) Mayweather & Mcgregor

(by the way not once did he straight blast!)

[email protected] choose the Path ov no Path traversing smoothly & softly

(Pacifist,s on a War path ) walk past the fist)

[email protected] do not solicit the self , you have to do the work to find the [email protected] potentia within ~

an interesting note of trivia

is that Matt, Dana & Yam all arrived on earth in the same year , Dana actually arrived the same day as Yam ( [email protected],s Source )

note to all those alleged street fighters out there

" The streets are not lined with blue mats or any other colour for that matt(er) "

Well Done Khabib

The Human Race ~ 1st one 2 wake up wins

emit ~ time